Equine Full kit of Dressage Sublimated Numnah


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High-quality and durable Sublimated saddle pad for horseback riders and equine enthusiasts. With a stylish black horseshoe on the front of the pad, we’re bringing your love for horses with you everywhere you go! The ear bonnet will protect your horses ears from extreme weather during cold or hot seasons, as well as fence wire or branches that they may jump into. Rounding out this trio is our black brushing boots, perfect to clean those dirt paw prints off those cloven hooves after a long day of riding! And last but not least: stirrups. Without these mounted riders would be like sitting on an exercise ball without handles. Not that we know anything about that (not at all).

Equine Full kit of Dressage Sublimated Numnah / Ear Bonnet / Brushing Boot / Stirrup

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Equine Full kit of Dressage Sublimated Numnah