Equine Full kit of Leopard Numnah


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The Leopard 3d Printed Customized Sublimated saddle pad has an attractive design. It provides the horse with comfort while providing support for the rider by adding inner thigh padding. Wear it under your seat to help absorb shock and vibration, perfect for schooling long hours in the arena or pro jumping courses. Great for English, Eventing, Jumper riders alike! The Ear Bonnet protects ears from cold winds or sunburns during outdoor riding sessions wearing it comfortably along with goggles during competitions! Horse’s need bronchial breathing so use Brushing Boots when riding outdoors seasonally protecting their legs to not get dirt inside their hooves during off-season periods do push-ups on toes lifting heels up repeatedly. With Stirrups you have both hands free to hold onto reins while

Equine Full kit of Leopard Numnah / Ear Bonnet / Brushing Boot / Stirrup

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Equine Full kit of Leopard Numnah