Equine Black Dressage Square Saddle Pad Numnah


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Fancy talking about your horse’s saddle pad and the way it’ll keep him looking top notch? You’ve come to the right place. Equine Black Dressage Square Saddle Pad Numnah is a perfect match for those equids looking to break into dressage competitions. The numnah on this thing is just unbelievably comfy, held up by our fancy folding system that lets you adjust the tightness of it all day long to help avoid sore spots. It’s got rivets throughout, ensuring that it will stand tall against anything that gets thrown at it in competition or out on trail rides alike. We use super soft material.

Cotton Jeans Outer Shell
Inside 15mm Foam Padding 100 Gram Polyester
Inner Cotton Waffle
One Lining Black And White Lining With White Stones
Non Bleeding

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Equine Black Dressage Square Saddle Pad Numnah

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