Refund Policy - Equine Gears

Refund Policy

Equine Gears will accept returns or requests for refunds for any product within 30 days of sale if the product has not been used, damaged, or otherwise destroyed. Additionally, the product packaging must remain intact and undamaged. Equine Gears will not refund or accept products for return if they do not meet those qualifications. Equine Gears will cover the cost of return shipping and the exchange of goods only for defective products. To determine if your product qualifies as a manufacturer’s defect, you must contact an equine Gears representative to decide so. To get an Equine Gears representative, please email Suppose your product does not meet our manufacturer’s defect requirements. In that case, return shipping will not be provided by Equine Gears, and a refund will only be granted if the product and packaging are returned within 30 days and remain. We issue a refund after inspection of the item that has not been used or worn.