Equine Full kit of Purple Numnah


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Horseback riders will depend on a saddle pad to provide comfort and safety when they ride. The design of the right saddle pad makes the difference between an enjoyable experience or discomfort for both horse and rider. It supports you while riding, protects your backside against soreness which is common with long hours in the saddle, And has elastic side straps so it doesn’t shift around. A comfortable pad also helps protect you against chaffing during long rides on hard saddles…The breathable material forms to your body better than some other pads that are made out of canvas or foam which can be stiffer than desired if not designed properly.. 

-A Ear bonnet is great for safeguarding ears from rain, frostbite, debris damage etc.,

Equine Full kit of Purple Numnah / Ear Bonnet / Brushing Boot / Stirrup

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Equine Full kit of Purple Numnah