Equine Horse Yellow Stirrup Irons


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All horse Equine stirrups should be equipped with horseback riding irons for those long hours in the saddle. These equine horse jinn iron stirrups are elegant and powerful, as they take your weight away from your legs and transfer it to the sensitive back muscles that need protecting. So go ahead and give yourself a break- we’ve got you covered.

The Equine Horse Yellow Stirrup Irons feature a wide track and cheese grater-style metal pads for enhanced grip.

Equine Gears: We are maintaining top quality products for over 13 years, offering the best Horse Wears, best Horse Gears, best Equine Horse Equipment Stable & Accessories. So that we are the Empire of Equestrian.

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Equine horse Jin Stirrup Irons

Equine Horse Yellow Stirrup Irons

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