EG Green Show Jumping Numnah Matching With Boots


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The EG Green Show Jumping Numnah Matching With Brushing Boots is the perfect package for horse riders looking to make a stylish entrance in the show-jumping arena. Combining the extraordinary comfort of the EG Horse Saddle pad and superior protection of the Brushing boots, this set offers optimum protection and long-term durability.

The Saddle pad is crafted using 100% breathable cotton with additional padding to provide unparalleled cushion for both you and your horse. The underside features an anti-slip lining that eliminates any slipping, even in adverse weather conditions. The ergonomic design ensures a tailored fit – helping prevent galloping scarring and saddle rubs from occurring. To top it off, its waterproof structure keeps sweat away from your horse’s body, keeping them dry and their coat shiny after every ride!

As for the Brushing boots, they offer all-round protection during activities, preventing your horse from injuries during performances. The outer layer is designed with robustness in mind; helping protect against pressure caused when jumping or cross-country riding. Additionally, these are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear yet reliable enough to withstand seasons of consistent usage!

Crafted with luxury materials as well as unique touches like embroidery detailing on each product – look forward to unrivalled elegance when wearing this set out onto the track. Order your EG Green Show Jumping Numnah Matching With Brushing Boots today to boost both safety and style when taking part in equestrian events!

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EG Green Show Jumping Numnah Matching With Boots

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