Equine Bevel Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle Bit


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Adding this to your collection of horse tack just might be the best decision you ever made! The Bevel Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle Bit boasts multiple qualities that will help it stand out from all the other gear in your supply.

This loose ring snaffle bit is not only an upgrade in traditional-style snaffles, but also emphasizes modernity with its sleek, angled lines and simple field blue finish. It ensures a refined look no matter what type of riding or discipline you prefer.

For increased tongue relief and more comfort for both rider and mount alike, this product features enlarged cheek pieces to provide wide engagement surfaces—allowing access to constant branchial airflow without any muscle fatigue.

Manufactured from a warmer metal and along with the brass alloy lozenge, this will help the horse salivate and have acceptance of the bit.

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bevel blue sweet iron loose ring snaffle bit

Equine Bevel Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

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