Equine Horse Peacock Safety Stirrups


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Equine Horse Peacock Safety Stirrups This revolutionary product will keep you in the saddle all day long. Whether your horse is a 14 hand Thoroughbred or a rocking chair-sized pony, Equine Horse Peacock Safety Stirrups give you perpetual balance with their patented dual metal stirrup design. With this one purchase, your success as a rider is guaranteed!

Equine Gears Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons are manufactured with a high quality stainless steel. Featuring a durable and thick rubber band attachment for optimum flexibility and safety.

These stirrup irons are highly popular with young riders as when undue pressure is applied to the rubber band it disengages and releases the foot offering optimum safety in event of a fall.

Equine Gears: We are maintaining top quality products for over 13 years, offering the best Horse Wears, best Horse Gears, best Equine Horse Equipment Stable & Accessories. So that we are the Empire of Equestrian.

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Equine Horse Peacock Safety Stirrups

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