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Is your horse comfortable in this pair of brushing boots?

Most horse owners are now aware that the best horse boot must be breathable when thinking of tendon boots, brushing boots, schooling boots, or cross-country boots, but do we truly comprehend the necessity of choosing a breathable boot for our horses? Here we will give you some tips on buying the right pair of boots for your horse where you feel comfortable.

You must be cautious when selecting a pair of boots for your horse. The boots are difficult to purchase. If this is your first time purchasing, you’ll need to do some homework before hitting the market. A vast variety of options will inevitably make life challenging for you.

Come to Equine Gears if you’re looking for a reliable pair of riding boots.

Below are some qualities that your horse’s boots must have:


  • Sturdy, long-lasting, and well-made. 
  • Guaranteed by years of sustained use and many satisfied clients globally. New companies are emerging to compete for your business as booting becomes more and more popular. Many are variations of “a better mousetrap,” and it is necessary to provide proof of things like quality, delivery, and warranties.


  • 100% hoof coverage over exposed regions like bulbs, quarters, and coronet bands. Because they are vulnerable to injury, sensitive tissues shouldn’t be exposed.
  • Front-opening mechanisms: When putting on the boots, these keep you in front of the horse rather than behind or next to it.
  • Give very good adhesion.
  • Can be utilized on wet, freezing ground and soggy grass when paired with studs.


  • Adjustable throughout the trim cycle – To maintain a close, secure fit during the growth cycle, boots should be able to be fastened in a variety of ways.
  • Adaptable despite variations in yearly hoof growth.
  • Suitable for various trims.
  • For the optimal fit, styles should be available with both Slim (narrow) and Regular (rounder) soles.
  • Able to cover both bare feet and shoes made of metal.


  • Snowballing is prevented by solitary design.
  • A comfortable sole that shields from pebbles and rough areas
  • A well-cushioned, suitably thick sole that provides comfort on rocky, rough, or aggressive terrain as well as on dry, hard summer ground and frozen winter ground.
  • A wide variety of insole cushions for hoof boots, including ones for therapeutic, comfort, travel, protecting the sole from metal shoes, etc.
  • Pastern sleeves and wraps for adjusting fit or protecting bulb and pastern.
  • To cushion the delicate bulb area and guard against overreaching, pressure, or other damage, it must be soft or cushioned.
  • The sole is made to absorb shock to the fullest.


  • Look for boots that are easy to use and maintain without the usage of special tools. The last thing you need is to be fumbling with tools when you hardly have time to ride!
  • Avoid any fastenings that can put pressure on your body or cause injuries, such as constrictive straps, sharp plastic, or fragments.
  • However, if the boot is too open, rocks and other debris may enter and cause damage. Drainage and aeration are crucial.
  • Any overly rigid material can put too much strain on the foot and interfere with movement.
  • Boots should be flexible enough to ride at any speed through any terrain.

Our Standards:

In addition to choosing cutting-edge technical fabrics with breathable qualities for our Boots, we test these elements in a lab. The materials we utilized are reliable and long-lasting.

The simplest way to address that problem, whether you’re inside or outside, in a stable or a pasture, is to use equine horse brushing boots. When these gorgeous things are attached to each of her front legs, she relaxes back and enjoys the brushstrokes even more!

Equine Burgundy Brushing Boots are the ideal piece of equipment to maintain your horse’s beautiful coat. The brushing boots are constructed from strong, long-lasting PU leather that will withstand all the grimiest grooming tasks you could imagine.

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